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Have you ever wanted to record a sound heard from your computer or website? If yes outRec is perfect for you. This simple but powerful application let you to record your sound card audio output easily in a few steps and save it in different kinds of formats like wav, mp3 or ogg.

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This is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) made in gambas for “pa-clone” script that let you to, record all sound card audio output of your computer using sox. In other words, you can record everything you hear no matter if it is from a website or your own computer.

Sound Quality

Don't worry about quality, outRec record the sound as the same quality you heard it.


Is outRec Free?
Yes. We believe that all knowledge should be shared without compensation. Obviously you can donate to mantain this project up.

It's there any version for Windows or Mac?
No. We encourage to use free software for all purpose. If you are interested to develop a version for other platform contact us.

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OS: GNU/Linux (tested in Ubuntu 10.04)
Dependencies: sox, lame, mplayer, notify-send, libtwolame0, libmp3lame0, gambas2-gb-gui, gambas2-runtime, gambas2-gb-form, gambas2-gb-desktop

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or add our repository:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:techm3/outrec